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Bhavai a fantastic must watch movie with Pratik Gandhi in lead role

By Darshana Jamindar

The Bhavai film written and directed by Hardik Gajjar is Khakhar, is a small village in Gujarat, where a drama company comes to stage Ramlila for the first time. Raja Ram Joshi (Prateek Gandhi), a simple boy from the village, comes there to seek work to fulfill his dream of becoming an actor. The character of Ravana is found. Here, as the play progresses, the love between the king who becomes Ravana and the queen (Andrita Ray) who becomes Sita Maiya also begins to flourish on the stage.

Bhavai Hindi movie was aired in Ahmedabad features Star Cast

Pratik Gandhi as Raja Ram Joshi
Aindrita Ray as Rani
Rajendra Gupta as Raja Ram Joshi’s Father
Rajesh Sharma as Bajrangi
Abhimanyu Shekhar Singh as Bhawar
Flora Saini as Urmi
Krishna Bisht as Gomu
Bhagyashree Mote as Pyari
Ankur Vikal as Bhurelal
Ankur Bhatia as Lachhu
Gopal K. Singh as Ratan Singh
Anil Rastogi as Netaji

Premier show of Bhavai movie was aired in Ahmedabad which was well received. The movie has Pratik and Aindrita in lead role, well supported by Rajendra Gupta, Rajesh Sharma and Abhimanyu Shekhar Singh.

Struggle and success of Pratik is nicely portrayed in the movie.Pratik shines again in the movie after Scam 1992. Aindrita lives impact on audience mind with pretty and innocent face backed by far reaching performance.

Bajrangi justifies her role as Hanuman and Rajendra Gupta has aptly done justice to their characters.

Plot of the movie has drastically takes different shades of Ramayan, politics embedded with a pinch of love story and interesting end of the movie.
It is a must watch movie and a nice Hindi movie after a long time.

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