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BRTS bus hit lamp post accident near ISRO in Ahmedabad

Today morning in Ahmedabad city, one BRTS bus collided head-on with a lamp post, crushing the front part of the bus. Another BRTS bus accident has taken place recently. As many as four passengers, including the driver, were injured in the accident.
Front part of the bus was hit after the accident. Bus driver lost his control on the steering wheel after front tyre of the bus ruptured and bus collided head-on with a sign board pole erected on a divider between the BRTS tracks. Collision was so rash that front part of the bus was turned upside down. Fortunately the pole was not broken otherwise major casualties could have occurred. The bus was going from ISKCON Bridge to Shivaranj.

There were about four passengers inside the bus at the time of the accident. Passengers sustained minor injuries in the accident. It was initially reported by the transport management that bus number 198, operated by Chartered Speed ​​Pvt. Ltd., had met with an accident.
Driver lost control of the vehicle due to a flattening of front tyre. The bus later collided with a pillar in the BRTS corridor near ISRO BRTS station. Fortunately, there were not many passengers in the bus and major casualties were avoided.
Work was started to move the bus to the service center by tow after the accident. Ruptured tyre of the bus looks like it has lost its grip, meaning it has not been repaired or replaced, even though it is coming to an end. However, this accident was not caused by an human error. Driver lost control of the steering wheel due to a flat tyre.
It may be mentioned that exactly one month ago today, a BRTS bus had a strange accident in Ahmedabad. The bus collided with a pillar of a bridge, causing the bus to split in two parts. BRTS bus was passing near Akhbarnagar in Ahmedabad when it suddenly collided with the wall of the pillar of the under bridge. As soon as it collided with the pillar, front portion of the bus was torn and the wreckage was horrified. Both the driver and the supervisor of the bus were injured in the accident and both were shifted to hospital for treatment.

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