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Gujarat Budget presented by finance minister Kanu Desai in Budget Session of Legislative Assembly

First time Finance Minister Kanu Desai will present budget of Gujarat for financial year 22-23 in Budget Session Gujarat Legislative Assembly Today. The budget which was Rs 2,27,029 crores last year is expected to be 10% more this year. State budget is expected to have many SOPs Standard Operating Procedure for people in the Poll Year.

The budget estimated an overall surplus of ₹ 560.09 crore.

Assembly polls are due in Gujarat later this year.

The budget for 2022-23 proposed an outlay of ₹ 2,43,965 crore, nearly ₹ 17,000 crore more than the previous year.

It allotted the highest ₹ 34,884 crore to the education sector, followed by ₹ 15,568 crore to the energy and petrochemicals department, ₹ 14,297 crore to urban development, ₹ 12,240 crore to health and family welfare and ₹ 12,024 crore to the road and building department.

Mr Desai told the House that the budget focused mainly on providing social security, fighting malnutrition and creating new infrastructure.

Rs 500 crore were earmarked for a new scheme to help people run cow shelters.

50 Jnan Shakti residential schools will be started in Gujarat allocation of ₹ 90 crores for the scheme made. The schools will provide quality education to 1 lakh talented students.

FM Desai said that this time Budget would be beneficial to common man and farmers ahead of Budget announcement.

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