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Gujarat employed 1.2 lakh youth in last 5 years

Today Gujarat Home Minister Pradipsinh Jadeja briefed media about employment provided to youth of state in last 5 years.

Minister Jadeja stated that 1.2 lakh youths were employed in last 5 years with totally transparent procedure.

Job Offer Letters to selected candidates will be awarded on 1st December.

Through Lok RakShak Bharti Board 9,713 youth were employed. Out of 9,713 employed there are 3,150 Lok Rakshak Dal, 6,003 are SRC, 499 are male Jail Sipahi and 55 are female Jail Sipahi.

Justifying the delay in preparing Job Offer Letters, minister said that it took time in verifying caste certificates of 2,322 SC ST Candidates, who took long time in submitting them. Non verification of caste certificate of SC ST later could have led to litigation issue.

Talking about employment in various departments of Gujarat State, 25,284 were employed in Education Department, 29,860 were employed in Home Department and 25,278 were employed in Panchayati department added minister.