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Gujarat has become epicenter of drug trafficking in BJP rule blames Congress

By Darshana Jamindar

Youth of country are falling victim to the BJP government’s failure to curb the drug trade

Gujarat has become epicenter of heroin-drug trafficking-consignment under BJP rule

  • Drugs coming from countries like Pakistan-Afghanistan are a threat to national security.

The BJP government will give the answer where did 5,000 kg of heroin worth come from. Millions of rupees worth of heroin-drugs pushing the future of the country’s youth push as a user of drugs seized from Mundra port of Gujarat. Strongly attacking the BJP government’s failure in national security at sea, border and ports and criminal negligence, All India Congress Committee spokesperson Pawan Khera said that 5,000 kg of heroin-drugs were seized from a company called Aashi Traders on September 19 at Mundra port in Gujarat. In June 2021, 4,000 kg of heroin-drugs worth Rs 1,400 crore have reached the country’s market including Gujarat.

This is the first case in the history of India where such a large quantity of heroin-drugs has been seized. Gandhi and Sardar’s Gujarat is becoming the drug capital of entire country by BJP rulers. Promises to provide 20 million jobs to the youth. On the other hand, youth are being pushed on the path of narcotics like heroin-drugs which are pushing the future of the youth into darkness.

Bureau of Narcotics Control has not appointed a director general for the past 18 months to curb, control and control traffiking of drugs, and narcotics. Unfortunately, millions of young people in the country are falling victim to the BJP government’s criminal negligence and failure to provide security for growing drug trade and proliferation of large sums of money.

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