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Heavy rains forecast in Gujarat for next 48 hours

Heavy rains forecast is given in Gujarat for next 48 hours. Meteorological department forecasts heavy to very heavy rains in Saurashtra and Kutch.
In a fresh spell, it has been raining in parts of Gujarat for last 2 days.
14.48 inches of rainfall so far in the monsoon season, 43.14 % rain to total monsoon season in Gujarat.
Talukawise statistics indicates, 18 talukas receive 2 to 5 inch rain , 88 talukas receive 5 to 10 inch rain and 106 talukas get 10 to 20 inch rain.

Kutch district get 6 inch total 31.74 % rain , Saurashtra gets 37.54 % rain of season, north Gujarat gets 14.48 inch rain 10.16 % rain of total season and central Gujarat gets 12.9 inch rain total 40% rain of season.

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