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Kalorex Group Hosts ‘Future 360° – Kalorex Career Conclave’

  • 350+ Participants Gain Insights On Careers, Changing Roles In The Dynamic, Connected World during the virtual event

Ahmedabad, August 31, 2021: It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change, said the English Naturalist, Biologist and Geologist, Charles Darwin. With constantly changing times and technology altering our lives, the way the world works changes and so do work requirements, job roles, careers and education. To gauge where the industry and world are headed and to guide students on careers of tomorrow, Kalorex Group organised ‘Future 360° – Kalorex Career Conclave’. More than 350 participants including students and teachers participated in the conclave organised virtually on Saturday.

Setting the tone for healthy debates and discussions, Dr. Vishal Talwar, Director, Institute of Management Technology (IMT) Ghaziabad, along with Ms. Kala Anand, Director – Communications, Partnership and Career Services, KREA University, delivered a special address at the inaugural ceremony of the conclave.

Giving a detailed perspective on the careers of the next decade and how changing work scenarios have driven the evolution and variety of job roles in her opening remarks, Ms. Anand, said, “We live in an interconnected world and this is enabled by superior ideas, technology logistics and people. The future of work is changing and today, professions have broken down into smaller tasks with problem solving approach being the core focus. As job roles evolved, learning too needs to undergo a paradigm shift. In such times, education must meet both long-term and short-term development goals. While education must prepare one to be task-ready, it also must inculcate creative thinking and critical thinking into people.”

“For instance, economics is not just about the jargons and economic functions at various levels. Over time, it rather helps develop one’s correlation skills. Problem solving needs to be viewed through an inter-woven length and such are the long-term goals education must address by blending discipline, core skills and creative expression,” Ms. Anand further went on to say.

Experts also explained on how certain job roles are no more relevant and how some have evolved with changing requirements. For instance, with businesses world over moving towards sustainability, green consulting jobs are coming up. Similarly, newer roles and jobs are coming up in technology, finance and health sectors too.

Dr. Talwar shared a detailed presentation on ‘Post Covid Careers – Looking Ahead’ during his address. “Changes happen for ever. Today, we’re witnessing the fourth phase of industrial revolution and charting our course from the first phase onwards, there are several jobs that don’t exist anymore today — telephone exchange operator, video tapes seller, film projector operator, among others,” said Dr. Talwar.

 “At every juncture of an industrial revolution, reskilling has been undertaken and the nature of work, nature of jobs and the way the world works changes. With this, learning landscape too evolved. In today’s connected world and more so since the pandemic, interdisciplinary studies have assumed paramount importance rather than imparting education in silos,” Dr. Talwar further went on to say.

After the special address, the conclave saw a variety of discussions on how learning has evolved over time and where the future lies. Nineteen other experts were part of the various discussions held as part of the conclave. Some of them include Ms. Aastha Shad, Director – Arts and Visual Design, 1000 Island Hotels and Resorts; Mr. Walter Peter, Founder, Laa Po Laa TIE India; Ms. Rupali Mohbe, Psychologist, Career Counsellor and Life Coach; Ms. Mudita Patel, Fashion Designer; Mr. Nirnay Kapoor, Senior Associate Editor, India TV; Captain Shankar Mudaliar and Captain Shalini Dravid; Ms Jinesha Gandhi, Associate Producer, UBISOFT; Mr. Akbar Akhtar, Senior Consultant Sports Advisory – PwC; Mr. Tanmay Singh, Litigation Counsel, Internet Freedom Foundation; Mr. Umair Mujib, Director – HR, The Ummed Hotels; Ms. Krishna Datta, Microbiologist and Entrepreneur and Dr. Priyanka Sharma, Vice President Projects – AI Samyak Infotech. Ms. Aarti Mishra, Principal, LHT Academy Tata Campus – Odisha – was the master of Ceremony of the conclave.

The event was overall well received by the participants as they gained from a number of insightful discussions.

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