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Massive fire reported in Kheda Town Police Station

Kheda: Amidst the festive atmosphere, Gujarat is suddenly facing fire incidents . One such massive fire broke out at Kheda police station last night at a time when fires were declining in one city after another. A fire broke out at the Kheda Town Police Station (Kheda Town Police Station) as if a fire was raging. Vehicles parked in parking lot were burnt in the fire. Violent scenes were created as one vehicle after another caught in the fire. However, there were no reports of casualties in fire. A video of incident of Kheda Police station Fire has become viral in which danger of fire can be seen.

The Kheda Town police station caught fire yesterday amid minor incidents in every city. Cause of fire was not immediately known but 25 vehicles including bus,truck,car and bike seized in the crime were parked at the police station were burnt completely.

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