rape on mad girl
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Mentally ill lady raped near Nirma University in Ahmedabad

In Ahmedabad, in very shocking news, one 30 years old person was arrested by police for raping mentally ill lady in the bush near Nirma University road. Residents of Trupti Aakruti Green saw some suspicious activity and movement in the bush of Nirma University. They saw a naked lady lying on the ground in a bleeding condition and a naked guy lying on her when they throw torch light to look at the actual scene. Passersby called police and handed over the rapist. Lady could not explain what had happened with her. She was sent to Sola Civil hospital for treatment and medical checkup.

Rapist was identified as Rajkumar Mandal from West Bengal. He was booked under IPC 307 and 354 b and arrested by police. It is also learned that lady was beaten by the rapist.

As per media source.