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PM Narendra Modi gets Grand welcome in Sydney Event

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed a special event in Sydney to celebrate the dynamic and diverse Indian community in Australia.
In 2014, I had promised that you will not have to wait for 28 years for an Indian Prime Minister again. So here I am once again, Sydney. I have not come alone. My Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese has come with me.

I believe the historic ties between India and Australia goes beyond 3 Cs (commonwealth, cricket, curry) 3Ds (democracy, diaspora, dosti) and 3Es (energy, economy, education). India-Australia relationship is based on mutual trust and mutual respect.

Australians accept India’s diversity with an open heart. And that’s the reason why Paramarta Square becomes “Parmatma Chowk”, Wigrum street becomes “Vikram street”, and Harris park becomes “Harish park”.

I had the opportunity to welcome Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on the Indian soil in Ahmedabad. Today, he joined me in unveiling the foundation stone of ‘Little India’ in Sydney. ‘Little India’, a suburb of Sydney, is a recognition of the Indian community’s contribution to the development of Australia.
Though there is a distance between the two countries, the Indian Ocean connects us. Our lifestyles have been different, but yoga connects us. Our food may be different, but ‘MasterChef’ unites us. Our cricket-based relationship has completed 75 years. As intense as the on-field match is, our relationship is equally deep off the field. Millions of Indians were saddened when Australian spin bowler Shane Warne died.
India ran the world’s biggest vaccination campaign. It is also the fastest-growing economy, leading in smartphone data, fintech, mobile manufacturing, rice/wheat production and startup ecosystem rankings.
Today, IMF considers India a bright spot in the global economy. World Bank believes that if anyone is challenging global headwinds, it is India. Banking system in several countries are in trouble today, but on the other hand, the strength of India’s banks are being appreciated everywhere.
India is known as the “Force of Global Good”, wherever there is a calamity, India is ready to help. ‘Sabka Sath, Sabka Vishwas, Sabka Vikas’ is the vision for global governance.
India is mother of democracy. India has no dearth of capability or resources. Today, India is the biggest and youngest talent factory.
India will open a new consulate in Brisbane soon.

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