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Rajkot to Mumbai daily flights during August 7 to 15

Air India to fly between Rajkot to Mumbai during 7 to 15 August daily and thereafter 4 times a week was informed by Air India Station Manager. Earlier lot of efforts were on many requests were made to authorities to make flight between Rajkot to Mumbai sector operational. Suddenly an order was issued to make flight on this sector thrice a week. Previously, Rajkot to Mumbai flight was available on thrice a week basis.Requests were made not observe any cut on the sector.

Businessmen, Industrialists and Politicians have written letters to Airlines company on this issue. Talks with Jet Airways are going on to operate flight on this sector. It is attempted that more passengers could avail flight facility on Rajkot to Mumbai sector.

Flight schedule of Rajkot to Mumbai sector is as follows :

From 2nd July to 6th August : Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

From 7th August to 15th August : Daily

From 16th August to 15th September : Sunday,Monday, Wednesday and Friday