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Surat Diamond Robbery worth Rs 83.55 lakhs

Diamond Robbery worth Rs 83.55 lakhs in Katargam

Today in Surat, incident of diamond robbery in Katargam of Rs 83.55 lakhs has been exposed.

Actually, yesterday police informed about diamond robbery worth Rs 10 lakhs in Katargam.

The fact is, Brijesh Patel Angadia of M/s Jayantilal Ambalal Chokshi when going on his Activa  was trapped by two persons coming from opposite side on a bike. He was thrown down on the road and diamonds were robbed from him by showing him weapons. Two other persons were sitting in a Maruti Van parked close to the site. Totally 4 persons were involved in a diamond robbery.

The Maruti Van used in crime was later found from AK Road.

Initially police of Katargam and Chowk Bajar area had a conflict on registering the case.

Prima-faciely the robbery was considered to be of just Rs 10 lakhs but now the robbery amounts to be Rs 83.55 lakhs.

There are many diamond robbery cases taking place at Mahidharpura Uni market which is a big diamond market.

Police is trying to collect CCTV footage from the nearby area to get traces of diamond robbers. Even, they are trying to get lead from RTO number of Maruti Van used in the crime. Police has contacted owner of Maruti Van.

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