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Surat liquor worth Rs 59 lakhs seized by LCB in two cases

Last night, on Surat highway from two different trucks imported liquor worth more than Rs 59.99 lakhs was seized. Surat LCB Local Crime Branch  police of Surat district seized 12,420 Indian made Imported liquor bottles on the basis of two different inputs received last night. Surat district police made history in Surat district Newly appointed Range IG V Chandrasekhar had ordered to stop imported  liquor of Indian origin and other anti-social activities of drugs. District Police Chief Hitesh Joysar had deployed his Local Crime Branch team on the highway, at two different places last night. On the National Highway, two trucks of Indian-made imported liquor with 12,420 bottles of different brands, imported liquor worth Rs 29,88,400, two trucks and mobile phones and cash, a total valuables of Rs 59,99 lakhs were seized. Whereas a driver and Four people have been declared as Wanted.

It is noteworthy that in first case liquor was caught from a dumper in Massaman village of Olpad taluka, while in second case it was caught from a truck going towards Bhavnagar on National Highway No. 48 near Kadodara.  According to information received from Selvasa, DadaraNagar, Haveli, Daman and Maharashtra in South Gujarat about such activites and epicenter of Indian-made imported  liquor and drugs and other anti-social activities. To prevent it, Range IG V Chandrasekhar prepared a new action plan, on the basis of which a meeting with district police chief has started a campaign to stop such activities in different districts.

As a part of which Surat district police chief Hitesh Joysar had deployed LCB staff on the highway. Two different National Highways pass through Surat district and the State Highway passes, to control which LCB PI, PSI and staff of LCB were found to set up stern patrolling as well as Informer network on the highway, on the basis of which last night for them at two different places. Huge quantity of imported liquor was found. In which, on the basis of information that Indian-made imported liquor is going towards Bhavnagar from the national highway passing near Kadodara, a trap was set up near the CNG pump near Kadodara and on the basis of the clue. Driver of truck number GJ 01 BV 1715 Rohit Bhupat Matasuliyya DeviPujak was caught which was loaded on instructions of Arvindbhai living in Bhavnagar.

5,400 Indian-made liquor bottles of different brands worth Rs 15.60 lakhs and mobile phones and cash, totaling Rs 25.70 lakhs whereas two people were declared Wanted.

On the basis of the tip received by LCB PI BD Shah, found that a dumper containing Indian-made imported liquor was parked in the compound of Shraddha petrol pump near Masmaan village of Chetan, alias Hardik Ramesh Parmar, resident of KuberNagar on Ved Road, Surat city. LCB PSI LG Rathod and IA Sisodia checked the dumper with staff, from which 7020 Indian-made liquor bottles worth Rs 14,28 lakhs and the truck together with a total of Rs 34.28 lakhs, Surat bootlegger Chetan Parmar and driver were declared Wanted, both accused have been arrested and legal action will taken against them.

As per media source.

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