water logged gmdc ground
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Vibrant Navrati site of GMDC ground under water

It is raining heavily in Ahmedabad for last few days. Navratri festival is starting from tomorrow.

Youngsters prepare in a big way by purchasing new Chania Choli, attending dance classes, going to saloons for make-up and tattoo and managing entry pass of club etc.

Every year for the benefit of people of Ahmedabad, AMC, Gujarat Tourism and Gujarat government holds Vibrant Navratri for all 9 days at GMDC ground in Ahmedabad city.

This year,GMDC ground is water logged therefore music and other electronic system has been covered with plastic for its protection.

Youngsters are unhappy to see famous Garba site of GMDC ground filled with water.

Hope Authorities will take quick action to suck water from the ground and help organise Navratri in a normal way.