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Virat Kohli ready to “discussions on DRS” with teammates

In a departure from the stand taken by his predecessor Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Indian Test captain Virat Kohli has said that he is open to discussions on the implementation of the controversial Decision Review System with his teammates. While Dhoni has always maintained that DRS is not foolproof and it still requires significant upgradation, Kohli feels that the contentious system can at least be discussed. “You have to sit and analyse and ask the bowlers what they feel about it. Ask the batters what they feel about that. We literally just came into this Test match with very less time on hand. So now that we have time, I am sure these discussions will take place,” Kohli has said. Kohli’s stance is not quite consistent with the BCCI’s adamant refusal to accept DRS when N Srinivasan was its President even though some Test-playing nations such as Australia, England and New Zealand have already started using it. The ICC has maintained that it wants a consistent usage of the system but would not force any member Board to adopt it. “We have always said that we would like to have the same rules for everybody as far as DRS is concerned and implement it on a uniform, consistent basis,” ICC CEO Dave Richardson haD said earlier. “The fact is though one of our members doesn’t want DRS, they have a number of concerns regarding DRS. The major one being in their view the principle of a player reviewing an umpire’s decision goes against the grain of what the spirit of cricket is all about.