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222 Gujarat High Court Judges transferred

Gujarat High Court on directive of Chief Justice Sunita Agarwal, has transferred 222 judges including 78 District and Sessions Judges, 88 Senior Civil Judges, and 56 Civil Judges. Transfers involve internal reshuffling of judicial officers in lower courts, have been initiated to optimise resource allocation and enhance efficiency within the judiciary system.
Every three years judges are transferred.
Four judges have been transferred from Ahmedabad CBI Court to the Sessions Court. Eleven judges have been transferred from Metropolitan Court, whereas fourteen new judges have been appointed. Eight Sessions Judges have been transferred from Bhadra Sessions Court.
56 Civil Judges transferred within their respective districts. 47 intra-district transfers have been made within the same court, including 4 in Ahmedabad, 8 in Mehsana, 5 in Rajkot, 9 in Surat, 9 in Junagadh, and 2 in Amreli. 88 Senior Civil Judges transferred from one court to another. 96 intra-district transfers made within the same court for Senior Civil Judges. 78 District Judicial Officers transferred within their respective districts or to other districts.

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