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600 Covid families get two meals a day in Ahmedabad

Today BJP Bharatiya Janta Party Narhari Amin ,Rajya Sabha, MP member of Parliament visited the service provided by Anjali Mitra Mandal and Paldi, Vasna Ward Youth Leaders BJP to provide two time meals a day to the infected families of Coronavirus and encouraged them as well as congratulated them.

MP Amin was accompanied by Amit Shah (former Ahmedabad Mayor), Ajit Patel (President of Orient Club), Mehul Shah (Corporator of Vasana Ward), SnehalBa Parmar (Corporator of Vasana Ward).
More than 600 Coronavirus infected families from Paldi and Vasna area in collaboration with Anjali Mitra Mandal provide two times meals. 60 youth are supporting this charitable activity amid Coronavirus pandemic.

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