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Criminal ambition of Azhar Kitli shattered by Gujarat ATS

Recently Famous and wanted criminal Azhar Kitli was arrested by Gujarat ATS from Juhapura area and later handed over to Vejalpur Police of Ahmadabad. Vejalpur police in its investigation has made several revelations. Azhar Kitli’s crime record is such that at the age of 21 years he entered into the world of crime and the first offense was committed by him in 2009. He used to threaten people in extracting money and used this money in donations and service works. A gang of 6 persons was involved in committing crimes. 19 offenses, including GujCTOC, have been registered against the accused.

Azhar Kitli the name will probably be a matter of past now. Because Azhar used to commit crimes in the same way that gangsters do in Hindi films. Azhar Kitli, who lives in Juhapura area of ​​the city and passed ninth standard, worked on his father’s tea kettle and later repaired car jumpers. Later, while working in Gandhinagar ONGC, Azhar suffered a serious injury in his left hand.

So he started working with his father again on the tea kettle. And later, inspired by Hindi films, he ventured into criminal world and initially started threatening small and big traders around Juhapura area and gradually opened up his daring to fight with those who did not pay. In the same way, in the world of crime, it gradually started raising its weightage, but police have reduced his rising graph of Azhar Kitli in one shot.

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