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Murder suicide mystery and fire in Godrej Garden city of Ahmedabad

Today morning incident of Fire reported on fourth floor of Eden Block in Godrej Garden City Society of Ahmedabad. The incident took place on fourth floor of Eden V Block. No reason behind the fire has come to light. It is learnt that Husband killed his wife in husband wife dispute. After killing his wife, he set house on fire. Husband killed his wife by slitting her throat. Husband and wife, both of them hit each other and husband himself set fire. Wife committed suicide by attacking her husband and setting fire to the house. Husband tried to show murder into fire incident.

6 fire engines were present at the spot and brought the fire under control. Excellent work of fire came in front. A major accident was averted as the fire department arrived on time. In a quarrel between husband and wife, both of them were killed in front of each other and the husband himself set himself on fire. The wife attacked the husband and committed suicide by setting the house on fire.

6 fire fighters were present at the spot and brought fire under control in very short time and major tragedy was averted as fire team arrived on time. It is said that in a fight between

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