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Sharad Punam Garba played in Ahmedabad at many places

By Darshana Jamindar
In many parts of Ahmedabad city of Gujarat, garba takes place in presence of moon light. Gujarat is famous for Garba and Navratri festival celebration. Garba enthusiast played Garba with close friends and relatives amid Covid guidelines.

Sharad Purnima or Sharad Purnam is a harvest festival celebrated on full moon day of Hindu lunar month of Ashvin (September to October), marking the end of the monsoon season.

On this auspicious day, many divine pairs like Radha Krishna, Shiva Parvati, and Lakshmi Narayan are worshipped along with the moon and are offered flowers and kheer (sweet dish made of rice and milk), typically called Dudh Pauva. Deities in temples are usually dressed in white color signifying the brightness of moon. Many people observe full day fasting on this day.
Sharad Purnima marks Arrival of Winters.
Devotees and followers perform Dance Raas and Garba on the occasion. They enjoy treat or Dudh Pauva as a mark of Sharad Punam.

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