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Special team formed in Ahmedabad to curb Cyber Crime

Cyber ​​crime cases are increasing day by day in Corona pandemic. Ahmedabad Cyber ​​Crime Team is also equipped to detect such challenging cyber crime cases and curb cyber crime. Ahmedabad Cyber ​​Crime DCP and his team are becoming high-tech by learning Ethical Hacking. Arresting such high-tech criminals has become a big challenge for cyber crime. An important decision has been taken by Ahmedabad Cyber ​​Crime DCP Amit Vasava. In which DCP has included 9 jawans serving as Lok Rakshak Dal in Ahmedabad city police in cyber crime.

Nine people who have been selected in the cyber crime team are computer engineers who has good knowledge of computer technology. Knowledge of computer technology alone is not enough to catch cyber criminals. Therefore DCP of Cyber ​​Crime decided to conduct an ethical hacking course in a private institute for jawans of Lok Rakshak Dal. Which can be used to catch cyber criminals.

In the last 1 month,a training has been completed in a private institute of 9 Lok Rakshak Dal jawans selected in DCP of Cyber ​​Crime Team. By getting knowledge from this training, these 9 LRD jawans have found bugs in about 50 websites of Central Government. The website that has made a mistake in hacking website is called a bug in technical language. Report of 50 such bugs was sent to the Ahmedabad Cyber ​​Crime Central Government.

All the LRD jawans as well as DCP Amit Vasava will become hi-tech after completing 2 months of training course. After the completion of the training of the 9 LRD jawans, a special team will be formed which will act as a prevention unit to prevent cyber crime incidents across the state including Ahmedabad.

This will protect citizens who fall victim to online fraud.

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